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the Unique concept of WhoisChise pronounced "Who-Is-Ch-Eyes", is a versatile music producer and multi-instrumentalist based out of Louisiana. Inspired by his older brothers and the greats that have helped lead him to success, as a child he grew a passion with using the violin and percussion which was his first instruments. Motivated by defying the odds of becoming a product of his environment, he’s driven.


AboutLaDon (La-Don), a new, independent, artist based out of Cartersville, Georgia. Born on March 25, 1990. His musical journey began in 2018. LaDon has a very little way of showcasing his emotions and perspective. His unique lyrical style, tone, and sound reflect his Louisiana and Georgia roots.
Artist's That Inspire LadonHis form of are artists like Jay-Z, Jadakiss, T.I., Scarface, UGK (Underground Kingz), Jeezy, OutKast, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Hot Boys.
Music and More LaDon’s debut album, Landmark 2 Mixtape, is available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and Pandora. LaDon loves the way music affects the human soul…what you hear is what you feel. He aspires to start his own label and develop his own artists. It’s no doubt that there are no boundaries to LaDon’s artistic creativity!

Connect With LaDon on Social Media :
IG: LaDon_music
Twitter: LaDon_music