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About Heavy Gripp LT

Heavy Gripp LT is a music artist based out of Charlottesville, Virginia. His genre of profession is Hip-Hop/Rap. He continues to reach the his fan base from across the globe using heavy grip as his highlight “Heavy Gripp” camp also known as “HG BOYZ”. He spent 5 years concentrated for drugs. Afterwards LT began to tap into writing music as a hobby which later formed into a passion. This then gained him major recognition from major labels. LT has found himself the topic of conversation across the air waves with the support of his cousin and super producer “Trauma Tone”.

King Key

David Paul Key born (April 26, 1987).Known professionally as King Key, is an American rapper, Song Writer and Actor from Austin, TX.King Key had a very exhilarating childhood. He started rapping in the 5th grade which led to him developing a passion for rapping in High school. The Artist would display his skills for his coaches before various sporting events and key would display his lyrical skills for other classmates during his lunch breaks.