Prentice is set to release summer Vibez

Prentice is an american rapper, producer, songwriter based out of Illinois. He moved to the west coast and settled in Las Vegas. His music is versatile which gives the listener a variety of different flavors such as Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul. Prentice is a word smith and storyteller of real life events. At just 4 years Prentice recalls seeing his Dad physically abuse his mom which later in the years compelled him to put his time and energy into writing poetry to deal with the pain. For years Countless hours of writing raps in his room and perfecting his very own sound Prentice has endless talent when creating music in a way that many people can relate to. His early music career began in 2001 in Missouri. He and his friends from his neighborhood formed a rap group named IllONEZ, his alias was widely known as "Presto". The group later parted ways but still remained good friends. PRENTICE became a solo artist and continued putting out new music. The desire to be original helped him create his own sound. His versatility puts originality back in perspective all while maintaining its relevance.