Kevin Gates As A Kind Guy

He continued on as a personality, with the music sort of falling aside. He recently had a major resurgence thanks to TikTok with a white guy at Mardi Gras. He played his 2013 hit song “Thinking With My D##k” and was back! At any rate, over the years it seems like Kevin has been on a mission, one that is for wellness and spiritual evolution. It has also produced some interesting luxe, vibes and feelings.

Most recently he said something on social media they got everybody talking. I am not going to say what I think he said because I want you to tell me what you think he said.

I think we know what he said but it sounds like he said something else! At any rate in the video oh boy seems very happy and I can appreciate that. Black boy Joye is not seen enough these days.

Look at it now and tell me what you think!