Nonchalant Sosaa


Nonchalant Sosaa is a 23 year old born on November 2nd’ is an upcoming artist from Baton Rouge , Louisiana. He started his music career when he was at least 8 years old , Rapping with his second to oldest brother , he was good as a child with freestyling with everyone he can possibly be around. He always wanted to become a famous artist one day. So he kept working on his freestyling even freestyling most of his music until his second to oldest brother told him to write his music down. He recorded 4 mixtapes within one month of time. He had many of doubts that he won’t make it without connections. He continued chasing his dreams recording music everyday till he found his sound and realized he can rap good enough till he started working on his flow. Also, he started working on Auto Tune & found out he can also sound good with rapping and melody sounds. Growing up people used to make fun of his gap and people used to tease him because he used to really take with his tongue. So when he started rapping he was hearing people say he talk funny ‘ but he will become something in life with his lyrics you can tell. So he worked on the way he talked his style and his appearance changed. He was no longer a young rapper who wanted fame he took it as he wanted to get his whole family out of the streets of Baton Rouge , Louisiana.