Jay Z and His Investment in Pin Up Software a New Marketing Tool

Jay Z Invest in Pin Up software for instagram.png

Jay Z and His New Investment

The Pin Up software is becoming a highly searched for topic on Google many Celebrities around the globe are investing into ''Pin Up'' a Marketing software for social media (Instagram) and small business. Jay Z recently invested 1.6 million dollars into the software.

Marketing software can be very useful to Entrepreneurs and business owners. ''Pin Up'' is one of the most commonly used Sofware's for marketing used by corporation like Nike, Adidas and Jordan and more. Pin Up (software) pins your post in a fixed position on the explore feed of Instagram, Icon around the globe is starting to invest in Digital software simply because some software's can gain them capital by using the Digital tool to help them generate more currency for their merchandise or simply for song advertising on Instagram.

Jay Z Investment into Pin Up has made him even more successful. This software was first created by Instagram developers giving entrepreneurs a new way to advertise without using Ads while still having an Instagram experience.