Infamous Kaboo Expresses His Pain Through His Heartfelt Lyrics

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Infamous Kaboo was born in Oakland California & Raised in San Francisco In his early days Raised by his aunt because he lost his mother at the age of 3, but like some of the greatest people in our history he learned at an early age to turn pain into triumph. His Genre of music is considered to be Hip Hop and R&b or reality music. The Artist reveals his life story over down south beats. His family moved 40 minutes north to the smaller city of Fairfield where he began rapping & expressing the hurt that he was already learning to be accustomed to. Inspired by bay area legends like too short , san Quinn & east coast artist like LL cool j & Run DMC Infamous Kaboo would embark on the journey as a artist himself with plenty of life lessons to sprinkle in his music. Kaboo carries a Passion to inspirer his fans around the globe , one of his desires is to impact them with his electrifying vocals.