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Who is Sydnee Janae' ? Sydnee Janae' was born on June 26 1997 in St.Louis Mo. Janae' has been writing music since she was young. Janae's genre of profession is HipHop/Rap. Music and writing has always been her primary go and passion. After attending music school as a child Sydnee Janae' began majoring in communications in college. Her perfection was journalism courses. Additionally, she discovered how hard is was to juggle college and music. Her beliefs lead her to continue pushing in the music industry. She believes nothing is impossible. A few mainstream celebrities that inspire Janae' are Lil Kim, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj so as Kash doll.


  1. Freak N***a

  2. Pop Dat

Art Cover Freak Nigga By Sydnee Janae'
Art Cover Pop Dat by Sydnee Janae'

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